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Who is the idea Hive? Two classes, one from Wingham Ontario and the other class from Snow Lake Manitoba, Who to do school work together. We are working over the internet.When? 2012  Why? Because we are practicing  working together with different people across the world.

Something I have in common with most people is that I do not play an instrument for example, Holly, Katie, Emily and Megan do not play an instrument. I hope to play the trombone.

something I have in common with a few people is that I do not have any pets, I don’t have any pets because I am always at hockey and sports so I don’t have time to take care of a pet.

Something that is unique about me is that I play hockey and nobody from Snow Lake does that, I find that very different from where we are from because most kids do play hockey.

The person from Snow Lake that is most like me is justin, we both have an interest in hockey I thought there would be more kids that like hockey but I guess hockey isn’t as big in Snow Lake or they don’t have access to an arena, but I find it very sad that he like the HABS 😦

Concluding question
I think we covered everything but if I had to ask a question I would ask what kind of sports do they watch on tv.


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I’m an 8B Mustang at F.E. Madill